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The Greater Fishponds area includes the wards of Hillfields, Frome Vale and Eastville which includes the whole of beautiful and historic Stapleton, one of Bristol’s oldest addresses; Fishponds shopping area for choice and Eastville Park with Oldbury Court Park and the Frome Valley for Bristol’s best example of open space and preservation, even the Duchess Gate and entrance to Stoke Park Estate and Lodge Hill including Cossham Hospital.
Greater Fishponds also covers parts of: Staple Hill, Downend, Frenchay, Speedwell, Whitehall, Soundwell, Kingswood, St George, Greenbank and Purdown.. where those areas meet South Gloucestershire and neighbouring partnerships.

The opportunities for young people here are vast with lots of Football, Rugby and Cricket Clubs in and around the area. Our faith estates hold weekly youth clubs, scout groups, guide units and more.. plus there are youth centre’s, brigades and cadet forces in the wider.
In some areas, the people of Greater Fishponds are fortunate, but one needs to explore our whole area and use this website and other material as tools of discovery to find out what’s truly available to us and to make the most of living and working in a green city and area.


Greater Fishponds Skyline

Where is Greater Fishponds? Answer: Everything between Stoke Park Estate (M32) and almost Soundwell Road and includes Greenbank Graveyard to the gate of Frenchay Hospital. Touching South Glos in Sroke Gifford, Frenchay, Bromley Heath, Downend, Staple Hill, Kingswood and touching Bristol areas including St George, Easton and Lockleaze. What places are within Greater Fishponds? Answer: Cossham Hospital, Brunel Academy, Fishponds Trading Estate, Royate Hill Nature Reserve, Greenbank Graveyard, Eastville Park, Stapleton Village, Wickham Glen, Snuff Mills, Oldbury Court Estate, Frenchay Museum, Downend Tavern, Bristol & Bath Railway Path from Staple Hill Tunnel to Chocolate Factory, Lodge Hill Open Space. Half of Stoke Lane towards UWE Frenchay Campus, Colston’s School. What places are within 2-15 minutes walk from the boundary? Kingswood Shopping area, Staple Hill Shopping area, Downend Shopping area, Frenchay Common, Hambrook Junction, UWE Frenchay Campus, Purdown, Eastgate Retail Park with IKEA, St George Park. Easton shopping area’s and Stoke Gifford.

During early 2017 there were changes and the old Neighbourhood Partneship structure has ended. Below shows some of the work.

What is the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership?

Fishponds People is an alliance of local councillors, neighbourhood police teams, voluntary and community organisations, private businesses and public agencies within the three Bristol wards of Hillfields, Eastville and Frome Vale.

Until Spring 2017 Fishponds People was a different structure called the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership


What was Neighbourhood Partnerships?

Neighbourhood Partnerships bring public sector decision making to a local level where local residents can influence how they would like to see their neighbourhood improve.

Neighbourhood Partnership is the decision-making body, with a formal agenda. They meet on a regular basis in the local community. Membership varies but typically includes the local ward councillors, representatives from local residents, community and voluntary groups, NHS Bristol, Police and Avon Fire & Rescue.

The 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships make budget decisions and have influence over some public services such as street cleaning, minor traffic schemes, community safety and local recycling schemes. Local councillors make the final decisions at Neighbourhood Partnership meetings about where council money is spent.

Launched in 2008, the partnership helps local residents shape services such as street cleaning, park maintenance, local recycling schemes, minor traffic schemes, highway maintenance and community safety. About 40,000 people live within this area which includes the neighbourhoods of Hillfields Estate, Speedwell, Cossham, Mayfield Park, Lodge Causeway, Staple Hill Road, Downend area in Bristol, Frenchay area in Bristol, Stapleton, Rose Green, Whitehall area in Eastville Ward, Greenbank Graveyard, Eastville Park, Oldbury Court Estate, Soundwell area in Hillfields Ward, Begbrook, Stoke Park area up to the M32, Eastgate roundabout, Whitefield Road and more.

The Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership is one of 14 neighbourhood partnerships across Bristol.

Have Your Say! Neighbourhood Forum Meetings
How could your neighbourhood be improved? What problems do you think need tackling to make your area feel safer? Whatever the issue, from noise to graffiti, or street lighting to anti-social behaviour, make sure you have your say. You will speak direct to a panel of decision makers from the police, council and key local agencies who will agree the top priorities for your neighbourhood and put an action plan together there and then.

Neighbourhood Forums are led by the community, with residents setting the agenda. Each ward has four meetings a year, and incorporate the PACT (Partners And Communities Together) meetings.

How do they work?

Each forum will vary, but most will include:

  • ‘You Said, We Did’, a report back on actions taken after priorities from the previous Quarter’s Decisions.
  • An opportunity to raise new concerns or issues – these are collected from meetings, events, surveys and conversations in all sorts of community settings.
  • Agreeing how issues will be taken forward for action.

Forums are normally chaired by a local resident and supported by representatives from local services.

More information can be found here
Greater Fishponds NP

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Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership News

Greater Fishponds wins Gold Pennant for South West in Bloom 2013 at Truro Awards Ceremony by the RHS; we entered as our very own Neighbourhood Partnership, beating towns and villages. Visit our nature page to see the report. Click here

Pride of place awards for Greater Fishponds in 2013

The Partnership formally noted the following awards for South West in Bloom:

  • RHS South West in Bloom Regional – Gold Pennant Award (Greater Fishponds Area) Town to Small City Category.
  • RHS South West in Bloom Regional – Best in the South West for Urban Communities (Greater Fishponds Area).
  • Greater Fishponds Award for hanging baskets
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best senior citizens front garden
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best container garden
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best floral pub
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best sustainable planting
  • Greater Fishponds Award for small front garden
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best shop front to Emma Jayne Florist
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best commercial front to S & M Gauge
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best street (Elbury Road – No’s 1, 2, 8, 10, 11 and 14).
  • Greater Fishponds Award for best community garden
  • RHS It’s your neighbourhood awards (see below)
  • RHS Gold Award – Bristol in Bloom – Lodge Causeway Shopping Area in Greater Fishponds
  • RHS Gold Award – Bristol in Bloom – Spotted Cow Pub on Lodge Causeway – South West Best Floral Pub
  • RHS Silver Gilt – Bristol in Bloom – S&M Gauge for commercial frontage.

Feed Bristol by the Avon Wildlife Trust in Greater Fishponds. Winner of the Volunteers for Food Award. Tie with Severn Project.

Mark Logan nominated for Bristol Green Volunteer Leader of the year and came runner up for the whole city. Fantastic achievement!

New Hillfields, Eastville and Frome Vale in Bloom website. Visit:

Kate Brooks Frank, Lord Mayor Faruk Choudhury and Cara. The Voscurs Award to the Fish Fest Team for Thriving Bristol Award.
Follow Fish Fest on Facebook.

Richard Irwin has achieved an award for Individual Innovation for community work and the Fishponds website.

Steve England who delivers courses in Stoke Park Estate and along the Frome Valley is Bristol Green Volunteer of the Year 2013.
Visit: Steve doesn’t live in Greater Fishponds but he does great work for our community.

Best Hanging Basket

2009 – Clifton Village, 2010 – Portishead, 2011 – Clifton Village, 2012 – Clifton and 2013 – Greater Fishponds

Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Achievement Report Brochure for 2011/ 2012

Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Progress Report Brochure for 2012/ 2013

Neighbourhood Forums – You decide how the area is run. Click here

Greater Fishponds NP

Ridgeway Play Area
Officer Statement

Following completion of consultation in May 2013 the play area design submitted by Wicksteed Leisure Ltd was selected for tender award. The contractor was appointed on 13th May 2013 with a planned start date for works by 10th July 2013.

Following appointment the contractor advised that since the submission of the tender the company had received a high number of orders which had effected the company’s ability to start works on site by the 10th July. This was in turn evidenced by their withdrawal from another Bristol City Council design and build tender they had made a submission for, on the grounds of no longer having capacity to deliver the scheme. A revised start date of 27th July was agreed with the contractor, following the completion of a play area being installed in South Bristol.

The works were consequently delayed from the 27th July start date due to construction delays at the preceding playground in South Bristol, which the team were moving on from following completion. The first phase of works started on site on Monday 12th August to remove the old play area. Works commenced on 20th August for the construction of the new play area.

The new play area is due to be completed for early October and an outline programme will be circulated shortly and displayed in the park.

Please click here to read the project timescale

New Hillfields, Eastville and Frome Vale in Bloom website. Visit:

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Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Meetings


Greater Fishponds NP

Greater Fishponds – Your community needs you! Please participate. Which ward do you live in?

Neighbourhood Forums – Please read about Hillfields, Frome Vale and Eastville Wards.

There are three wards that make up Greater Fishponds including Eastville, Frome Vale and Hillfields and every three months the people from each ward are invited to attend a neighbourhood forum meeting to discuss current topics, raise new topics and awareness issues and listen to guests from Bristol City Council as well as other stakeholders and question them on current and future plans and issues.
Our community Police teams are present at local forums to listen to your concerns plus ward councillors and dedicated employees from Bristol Council who manage Greater Fishponds. All officials who attend would like to find out what priorities that you would like them to take on board in the next quarter.
By attending these forums you are making decisions for how Hillfields, Frome Vale and Eastville are run.

Hillfields Neighbourhood Forum meetind and ward details with map

Frome Vale Neighbourhood Forum meeting and ward details with map

Eastville Neighbourhood Forum meeting and ward details with map

All outcomes of meetings and more are then discussed further at the overall Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership meeting by all local cllr’s, Neighbourhood Team, Action Groups and members.

Fishponds Nature Reserves Fishponds Planning Sub Group Fishponds Traffic and Transport Greater Fishponds Wellbeing Fund

Can you help us to make Greater Fishponds a better place please?  We need local people who live or work in the wards of Hillfields, Eastville and Frome Vale to help us score funding applications; help us meet and discuss planning with developers hoping to build new homes and business premises; help us to plan the future of our parks, open spaces and planting and help us with road changes, pavements and all other traffic and transport.

Wellbeing funds help local groups access grants from our £30,000 a year budget. We need diversity when scoring applications just four times a year. We meet at Fishponds Library for two hours and score. Everyone has a score sheet and all scores are kept private from the other members. Denis Wise then takes the scores and collates them at City Hall for an overall score which is taken to committee where elected cllrs agree or disagree to pass funds to the group who applied for money.

Traffic and Transport Sub Group discusses everything relating to roads and pavements. They meet with professionals to discuss hazards, they help to decide spend on a huge decentralised budget, they help to plan new roads, paths and more..

Environmental Sub Group plans new parks, upgrading parks, new bins and street furniture, clearing areas to make them look nice i.e. reopening paths, removing waste and litter and making a massive difference i.e. HEF’s in Bloom 2013 with all of the new planters on Lodge Causeway, the new car park at Oldbury Court Estate and more.

Planning Sub Group meets with developers and owners to discuss planning permission, potential options, ideas, changes, infrastructure to improve the local area as part of their development and more..

To join any of these groups or even more than one, you are very welcome indeed! Please email or Telphone: Denis Wise.
Tel: 0117 9036443 e-mail:

Greater Fishponds NP

Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Funds. Hillfields Cimmunity First Fund & Event Funds

Need money for your community group and project or why not start a new group today? Help is available now. Fishponds needs you!There’s £1000’s for Hillfields, Eastville and Frome Vale that needs to be applied for from the Wellbeing Fund. Read below:

Community Wellbeing Funding

Greater Fishponds Wellbeing Fund Click here
Greater Fishponds NP

If you are a community or voluntary organisation working in the Greater Fishponds Area you could apply for a grant from our Neighbourhood Partnership Well Being Fund.

We are looking for projects that will deliver against the following priorities:

• Enhancing community provision and activity
• Provision for the young and elderly
• Open spaces maintenance and the environment
• Traffic and transport
• Anti social behaviour
• Drug misuse and vice
• Fly tipping, litter and graffiti

The Wellbeing Fund helps to pay for projects like the Fishponds Friendship club:

Fishponds Friendship Club by Linkage Bristol see the poster below and Click here to print it.

Wellbeing Fund Application Form and Guidance Sheet

Wellbeing Funds for community projects. visit the website below to apply. All information you require is provided.

Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership (GFNP) Wellbeing Fund Panel

The GFNP Wellbeing Fund is a fund of £30,000 every year given to Hillfields, Frome Vale and Eastville Wards (£10,000 per ward) to hand out to community groups and community ventures to help make Greater Fishponds a nicer place to live.

Full details can be found using the link below. Would you like to be a member of the panel which helps to decide which groups should recieve the fund or a percentage of the fund against their request? New members are welcome to help decide how funds are best distributed before the ovderall decision goes to local councillors for Greater Fishponds at the quarterly partnership meeting. We are looking for people from all area’s of Greater Fishponds to have an unbiased and fairly balanced team of local volunteers to meet once every three months for two hours in an informal setting.

To join the Wellbeing Fund sub group please contact:

Abdul Razak, Neighbourhood Coordinator

Wellbeing Funds for community projects. visit the website below to apply. All information you require is provided.

Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Report It

Greater Fishponds Park’s Action Groups. Get involved and help make a difference in your local area.

Greater Fishponds Parks Groups

New Hillfields, Eastville and Frome Vale in Bloom website. Visit:

Greater Fishponds Planning Groups to make Greater Fishponds a better place to live, work and preserve ethical and sustainable growth. Please get involved today.. Click here and make Greater Fishponds a better place.

Work with groups in the Fishponds area to make areas safer. In 2011 the Hillfields Community Trust worked with local policing and residents in Fishponds to make an area safer. Ask the local Police team for ways that they can help your streets at future local forum meetings. Here an Alley Gate was installed by local people and a community group working together.

Alley Gate in Fishponds

Report Rubbish and unpleasant environments.. click here or email

Report it please

Please visit the Bristol Council website and report anything wrong visit and find ‘Report v‘ at the top of the page. Just 5 minutes of your time will make a difference to our community. Whether it’s a bench like this or sofa dumped in a park, please report it. Cllr Lesley Alexander reported this as well and within 7 days it was like new.
We have had bins replaced, beds removed, graffitti removed, lights repaired, walls rebuilt and much more…

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Our City logonew online Our City News site:

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Greater Fishponds is award winning for history and heritage with known activity in the area since 500 BC and a land of kings for over 1000 years until about 1700 AD & listed in the Doomsday book! King John lived here and King George III had the Straits Parade implemented through the Duke of Beaufort. Even Oliver Cromwell lived here for a time and Rolls Royce in Bristol started here.

Local history visit: Fishponds Local History Society and Glenside Hospital Museum

Pride of place awards for Greater Fishponds in 2012.

Have you received your Greater Fishponds brochure through your letter box during October? Some wonderful work has been achieved during 2012. Greater Fishponds has won awards for some of it as well.

1st Prize for Britain in Bloom Awards to Little Hays Nursery and the Snuff Mills Action Group presented by Katie Haydon, Chair of the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership to the award winners. Bristol was joint Gold Award winner and these organisations in Fishponds played their part.
Plus Snuff Mills Action Group took first place in the Serco Cup for Best 
Community Initiative.
Fantastic news for our organisations.
Huge thank you to all community action groups in the area as well. Big society at its best!
From clean up days, to friends of local parks groups, tenant groups, youth organisations and much more..

Britain in Bloom Awards for Greater Fishponds

Britain in Bloom Awards for Greater Fishponds

Pride of Place Awards for Greater Fishponds in 2011

Greater Fishponds won joint 1st prize at the Pride of Place competition for Local History Award.. well done to our amazing action groups for making this possible. Let’s make sure we win more awards next year.

Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership - Local History Award1st Place Local History Award for the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership at the 2011 MShed Pride of Place awards for Bristol’s areas.
This display is current at the Vassall Centre Trust in Oldbury Court for everyone to view from April 10th 2012.

Greater Fishponds Award for Local History with the Lord Mayor of Bristol
The Lord Mayor of Bristol presents Greater Fishponds with the Local History Award, shared with St George.

John Bartlett of the Fishponds Local History Society
John Bartlett holding the Local History Award following 35 years of dedication to local History in Greater Fishponds on behalf of the Fishponds Local History Society.

Steve Comer and Muriel Cole outside the Farriers Arms Building for their work in in Pride of Place for local history heritage work

Cllr Steve Comer and Cllr Muriel Cole (Muriel until Summer 2011) outside the Farriers Arms building next to Morrisons accepting their well deserved ‘Pride of Place’ photo for their hard work and on behalf of a team of others plus 100’s of local people who have worked since 2010 to save this building from demolition. 250 years of Heritage could be lost if Morrisons do not listen to local people. Any plans must include this building!

Help save The Farriers Arms Building, 250 years of history could be destroyed.

So many people in the wider community to thank and who better than two local councillors to thank on behalf of everyone who has objected to Morrisons plans so that our future generations can enjoy local history and heritage.

Vassall Centre Trust and the Greater Fishponds Pride of Place Award

The Vassall Centre Trust, a charity led by disabled people, is transforming a former military hospital in Fishponds to make it fully accessible for people with all forms of impairment, to empower them and enable them to work on equal terms with non-disabled people. Our fully accessible Vassall Conference Centre is based within the Vassall Centre and helps local groups and businesses serving our community. Members of the Vassall Centre team here in the picture are also helping to champion the local community of Oldbury Court. The Pride of Place Award for Local History thanking the charity for 13 years of hard work, change, preservation and saved heritage as well as countless community activities. Visit:

Vassall Centre Trust

Vassall Centre Trust – Fundraising and Funding

Kate Jerrold of Friends of Eastville Park and Greater Fishponds Environmental Subgroup
Kate Jerrold is Chair of the Greater Fishponds Environmental Sub Group and Friends of Eastville Park as well as a champion of the Fishponds Planning Group. Kate is an antique furniture professional and she has worked hard to preserve Eastville Park’s historic benches, buildings and general environment as one of the oldest parks in England with links to the English Civil War. Kate accepting the Pride of Place Award for Local History which is well deserved for years of hard work in this wonderful area.

Glenside Hospital Museum Staff
Glenside Hospital Museum team holding the award after 135 years of mental health care in Stapleton and for their dedication as volunteers.

The Glenside Museum is open on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s for everyone to visit and it’s popular with people as far away as asia who have visited here for field trip studies in neurological medicine.

Snuff Mills Action Group
The Snuff Mills Action Group meet every Sunday to preserve local heritage and maintain the gardens, landscapes, parks and open spaces as well as planning and policy for Greater Fishponds.
Mark Logan holding the award behind Cllr Lesley Alexander is also chair of the Fishponds Planning Group to ensure that new and existing buildings are suitable for our community and our heritage is preserved. Cllr Alexander chairs friends of Fishponds Park as well.. get involved!

Patrick Hassell holding the Local History Award for Aircraft Manufacturing in Hillfields, Bristol

Cllr Patrick Hassell (RIP 2016) had a passion for aircraft manufacturing and he shared a remarkable journey with us covering events which led to Rolls Royce in Bristol which all started right here in Hillfields at the site of ParnAll and ALD Automative. This story played an important part in winning this award.
Sir Roy Fedden was knighted in 1942 sometime after when this picture was taken.

P1030628 Brazil Straker wrks c1jb adj
How the ALD Automotive site looked before the Great War at Brazil Straker works in Lodge Causeway, probably photographed just before the Great War when they were building the Straker Squire cars, and the lorries and buses too.  Joseph Brazil was in charge with young Roy Fedden as his Chief Engineer.

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My Neighbourhood

Improvements to Parks and Open Spaces in the Greater Fishponds

Bristol Council and local politics North East Bristol Pubs Restaurants in the wider community Libraries and other public places Education from schools to universities Greater Fishponds History Health and Wellbeing Shopping in North East Bristol and South Glos Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Sports Publics Transport, Travel and Accessibility Places of Worship Employment Police Teams Events Walking in the wider community Community Action Bristol's Cycling City - Better by Bike Local Charities Property in Greater Fishponds Nieghbourhood Partnerships in your chance to speak out about Greater Fishponds and be heard! Greater Fishponds Nature.. visit parks as well Visit Olbury Court Park, Eastville Park & Snuff Mills in Fishponds and the Avon Valley in Hanham and St George Greater Fishponds Youth Local Nature Greater Fishponds Parks and parks in the wider community Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership

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