About Us

Fishponds People website has now reached its 10th birthday since the idea to promote Greater Fishponds was born in March 2008. It soon became a website to promote the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership as well which by 2011 was an award winning area by showing the amazing work by volunteer groups and individuals across the three wards of Hillfields, Frome Vale and Eastville.  Today the website is once again in-house for the good of the community and free of politics, owned and run by volunteers who love the area.
Our website continues to promote Greater Fishponds and support the people who work, live and visit this large area of Bristol and which shares a large boundary with South Gloucestershire.

After 28 years in the Scouts and youth leadership in the area including Outreach Youth Work for Bristol Council and walking up to and engaging with gangs, the idea to create the Fishponds area website was to signpost people to opportunities and assistance, this quickly included the new social media that was coming about by 2008 including Facebook, Twitter and more to create local interest groups which are now run by other volunteers and have memberships of over 8,000 people in an area of almost 20,000 residents in Greater Fishponds alone.  In 2011 three of us met in The White Lion pub on Frenchay Common and formed the Hillfields Community Trust (HCT) which today has evolved and is led by local cllrs for Hillfields amongst many. In 2014 others of us created The Begbrook Retirement Club with Cllr Lesley Alexander of Frome Vale.  The Snuff Mills Action Group are a huge champion of Greater Fishponds.  Friends of Parks Groups such as Friends of Eastville Park have done so much for the area as well. There are too many people to all name here whose work has made it possible to create a successful website to celebrate this area of Bristol. As Fish Fest Group says “Fishponds is quite nice 🙂 ”

We continue to evolve for the good of the community and putting people and heritage first.