The Colour Fun Run which takes place at Oldbury Court Estate on Sunday 2nd October

I’m organising The Colour Fun Run which takes place at Oldbury Court Estate on Sunday 2nd October.  It is a fundraiser for homeless charity Julian House and last year was really popular with the local community in Fishponds, Downend, Emersons and Mangotsfield with around 2/3 of those taking part from the local area so we’re keen to build on this for this year and show people how great Oldbury Court is.

It is open to all ages and last year the children taking part absolutely loved it!  Incase you’re not familiar with the event it is a 5km course through Oldbury Court which you can run, walk or even skip whilst getting splashed with brightly coloured powder paint.

Lots of families took part last year and had huge amounts of fun so we’ve introduced a family ticket this year meaning they’ll save a bit of money too!  There will be face painting, music and food and drink on offer so guaranteed a fun day out.

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If you need anymore info please do let me know and I hope you will be able to share.

Thanks and best wishes

Joanne Bamford
Community and Events Fundraising Co-ordinator



Make Sunday’s Special in Fishponds

On September 11th, Make Sunday’s Special which has been an enormous success in areas of Bristol, especially in the Old City and on Park Street is taking place in the heart of Fishponds.

Email your contact details if you would like to volunteer and what you can commit to,  how you want to be involved.

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Youth Delivery. In north-east Bristol? Get involved.

In north-east Bristol? Get involved.

Hillfields is our local youth centre in north-east Bristol. Meet new people, try new activities, learn new skills – or just hang out with your mates and play a game of pool.

Whatever you fancy, there’s loads to get involved with at Hillfields.

Hillfields Youth Centre is open five nights a week.

Want to have a chat before you come over? Give us a ring or drop us a line:

Contct: Tina Bond, Bristol Youth Links East Delivery Manager
Telephone: 07747 271919

Please report any street issues direct.. it’s quick and easy.

Report rubbish that’s been dumped on the road, pavement or public land.  Flyposting is putting a poster, sticker or sign on public or private property without the permission of the owner.  Report graffiti so we can remove it as quickly as possible.  If you see litter or other mess on the street, let us know.  Tell us about a problem or fault with a street light and we will fix it.  Tell us if you see an abandoned or burnt out vehicle, or someone who often repairs or sells vehicles on a road or pavement.  We have a responsibility to keep public areas like parks, playgrounds and pavements clear of dog mess.  Report trees or hedges blocking the road, or leaves or grass that needs cleaning.  Tell us if you see a pothole in the road, a loose manhole cover, or a damaged kerb, footpath or street name sign.  Tell us if you see a drain that is blocked, damaged, or is missing its cover, or if you’ve dropped something down a drain.  Tell us if you see a damaged bus stop, bus shelter, timetable or electronic, real-time information display.  Let us know if you see a traffic bollard that has a broken light is damaged is missing.

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