A lady’s prompt actions reduces fly tipping

On 31st July a lady was walking along Stapleton Rd at the rear of SSA, when she saw two men unloading waste from a Ford Transit. She confronted the men and took photographs of them. The men did put the waste back in the van.

Following an investigation the driver was interviewed and admitted the offence, and was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £200 pounds.

Although the driver removed the waste when challenged, because the waste had been put onto the highway they had still committed the offence of fly tipping.

If it hadn’t had been for the intervention of the lady the fly tip would not have been removed.

“but for the public spirit of the young lady this would not have been detected, need more like minded citizens” Local Enforcement Officer.

Become a local hero and help keep the area cleaner by reporting when you see someone fly tipping in your community. You don’t have to confront the fly-tipper, but by giving Bristol City Council any details of the incident you witness, you can make a difference and send a clear message to fly-tippers that your area is NOT a DUMP!

• Description of the driver or the fly-tipper
• Vehicle and registration, if a vehicle has been involved
• Time of day and date, it occurred
• and the rubbish being dumped.

If you come across fly tipping, please continue to report this to the council so that we can get the mess cleared up.


Codebreaking – World War II… do you know the Fishponds Connection

Fishpond’s is celebrating Gordon Welchman achievements by unveiling a Blue Plaque on the 26th September, being held at St Mary’s Church 1-3pm. everyone welcome bring your spy glass and disguise, it’s all a bit hush hush!

Gordon Welchman

Gordon Welchman was born in the old Vicarage in Fishponds and He was recruited to the Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS) at Bletchley Park, playing an instrumental role in the development of Hut 6 and its famous code-breaking operations. The Work of this operation saved Countless allied lives during the second World War.

Would you make a good agent for GCHQ?…..Take the challenge and see if you can follow the clues…..

Agent P Code book

ChallengeAgent P code sheet

This challenge was created and developed by the lovely people at GCHQ Please follow them on twitter @GCHQ


Agent P Code book Answers



Fined for flytipping

A resident on Heath street, Eastville, was fined for leaving furniture by the waste receptacle at the bottom of the road. they have paid the fine. if you see fly tipping please report it

and if you have large items to dispose of please check out

its cheaper than getting a fine and it keeps your neighbourhood cleaner