Hillfields Library is being relaunched this week as a family hub with library facilities.

Hillfields Library is being relaunched this week as a family hub (still with library facilities).

The space inside has been transformed to include a play area for groups (run by Little Hayes Nursery and Family Centre) plus quiet seating areas for all of the community.

Pop in on Wednesday, or keep up to date with activities going on their via my Councillor Page (shared below) or by following Little Hayes and Hillfields Early Years & Family Centre.

Mayor Marvin Rees has made a pledge that Bristol will be measurably cleaner by 2020.

Measurably cleaner means less litter, fly tipping, fly posting, graffiti, dog fouling, gum and weeds in the city; as well as much more reuse, repairing and recycling so that less waste is produced and disposed of in landfill.

Making Bristol and its streets cleaner is something that everyone who lives, works, learns, or plays here contributes to, supported by those that have the job of keeping the city clean and tidy and working.

To make the city cleaner we will:

  1. Provide a quality cleansing service with clear standards.
    We also want to tell you what we are doing and how well we are doing it, whether that be cleansing or recycling.
    We want residents to tell us where what we do is not working or could be better so that we can get better.
    We also want you to tell us when you see problems like fly tipping or graffiti so that we can do something about it.
  2. Work with residents, community and faith groups, universities, schools, and businesses to help them to do their bit whether large or small to improve the look and feel of the city.
    This could be done through picking up one piece of litter, community clean ups, planting, painting or just sweeping outside their front door or shopfront.
  3. Spread the word about keeping the city clean and tidy far and wide, and keep doing it.
    If we want Bristol to be a great city then let us be clear about what we want it to look like and help it to become that.
    We will embed the Clean Streets principles in the local authority and how it works moving forward and ask our partners to do the same.
    We will also highlight areas where behaviours like dumping waste on the streets takes place.
  4. We make sure that our policies and the law support our efforts to keep the city clean and tidy, are visible to the city, and are acted upon.
  5. We use our enforcement resources where it is needed to back up our aim which is to educate, engage and then enforce to make the city cleaner.


Bristol Libraries newsletter

Please see what’s happening in our local Libraries, as you might already be aware, Hillfields Library is currently closed due to refurbishment until the 20th of December. the reason its closed is to allow for building works to take place in readiness for its relaunch as “Hillfields and Little Hayes Library and Family Hub”  a celebration event is planned for January.

In the meantime please feel free to use Fishponds Library, they will be hosting an authors’ event on Thursday Dec 8th at 7pm when the Bristol Fiction Writers group will introduce their new anthology of Crime short stories “A Hint of Crime”.

newsletter 2

Glow in the Park – Fishponds Park

glow in the park


Have you heard about the Glow in the Park? well there is a real buzz about this project on social media, reaching over 9500+ people so far!

The Friends of Fishponds Park  are working with Internationally renowned, local artist Ulf Pedersen, please see his Facebook page for examples of his work. They have some funding from the Neighbourhood Partnership wellbeing grant but need more to ensure a real WOW project, so would welcome donations from members of the pubic, if you wish to donate then please go to https://www.gofundme.com/2thtfwk

This work builds on the work started last year by the Business forum to bring back Christmas lights to our shopping area. the Business Forum have been instrumental in helping to get funding this year, and they are focusing again on lighting up our high street making our area a little brighter this Christmas.


Want to talk to the Mayor about five-year plan

There’s lots of change in the air at the moment, one big thing happening that will affect a large number of Bristol citizens is changes to council services to balance the books. It’s important you have your say on how these changes are made and what these changes will mean to you. Please get involved, You can engage with the conversation by filling in the online survey and/or attending meetings across Bristol with the Mayor. please share with your networks.